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4 Signs your Resume is screaming Unprofessionalism all over

Published: Jan 18, 2017
4 Signs your Resume is screaming Unprofessionalism all over

Expertise Check. Skills? Check. Experience? Sufficient! Well excellent! And you are a people’s person as well? Wonderful! Simply put, you would make a stellar of an employee that every talent acquisition and recruitment manager would crave to hire. We know you would make the right pick.

So why it is that you aren’t receiving any calls for interview after submitting your resume to the recruiters. Is your resume shoving off potential recruiters from reaching you? Yes, it is likely that your resume might have been playing the spoilsport. This is the reason it is imperative to understand the nitty-gritty of drafting a perfect resume that would fetch the eyeballs of potential recruiters.

Yes! There are some phrases or words recruiters don’t want to see on your resume. Here are five signs your resume can reflect your unethical approach in the eyes of recruiters and HR managers:


  • 1.       Cheeky email addresses

If you are still going by ragnarok87 or devilguy89, it’s time to revive things a bit at least when it comes to applying for a job, though you are free to use those cheeky email addresses on goofy forums and handles. Whilst it’s perfectly fine to be a free-spirit person in your personal space, but stick to the conventional when it comes to professional life.

For many recruiters, a cheeky looking email address comes a sign of laziness and unprofessionalism. Remember, laziness is certainly not a trait that recruiters look out for in a candidate.

  • 2.       Typographical errors

No, we certainly don’t want you to be a grammar Nazi, but those awkward typos can be easily avoided with 60 seconds of proofreading. Speaking of typos, how about fumbling between “form” and “from”. The autocorrect won’t catch it either. A typo can sabotage the essence of your entire 10 page solid resume. A quick spell check would not only prevent your fate of losing your dream job, but would also save you from potential embarrassment.

Typos give out the impression that you lack eye-for-detail besides an unethical attitude towards your professional life.

  • 3.       Quirky attempts at boasting uniqueness

Recruiters and HR managers prefer candidates, who keep it real, authentic and unique minus the gimmicks. Though standing out is the need of the hour, ensure that you do it in a way that befits the employer’s preferences and job’s requisites.

Follow the ‘KISS’ (keep it short and simple) principle. Avoid including unusual resume structure, pictures (unless you are a creative designer or something) and no jargons. Pitch yourself in the most sensible way you can without sounding frantic.

  • 4.       Lack of USP

Understand the fact that a resume is your passkey to attracting potential recruiters and employers. It gives a quick yet detailed outlook of who you are and your skills/abilities.

So cut the crap, which would only make your resume extensive leaving the recruiters clueless. Talk about your strongpoints and achievements resonating with the position you are applying for (numbers, figures, stats, etc.) should do the trick here. Employers and recruiters want to hire people, who can get things done in a seamless way and possess good leadership and self-learning qualities.

Let your resume breathe. Avoid building a wall of exaggerated text that would leave the reader with a headache before turning him off completely from your application.